No Turning Back. For real this time.

About a year and a half ago I started this blog with a post called No Turning Back where I wrote about how we got rid of everything we owned to start a new adventure.

Well that wasn’t absolutely true. We left ourselves an out. We didn’t sell our home in Atlanta, we rented it to our younger son and two of his friends just in case we wanted to come back.

We weren’t ready to completely burn the boats or give up our 1.9% interest rate. We refinanced in the summer of 2021 when the rates were at their lowest.

But life happened and we had to make a decision about which direction we were going to go in. Were we going to sell our place in Florida or sell our house in Atlanta?

We decided to help our son and his friends move. We told them that they could take all of the furniture they wanted and throw out the rest.

We flew back home in February to a well maintained house that only needed painting, carpet cleaning and yard work. We got everything ready and put it on the market and sold it.

Florida is now officially our home and our plans for the rest of the year are interesting, but diffferent. We won’t be “nomadding”. But we do have a lot planned.

Stay tuned…

The Digital Nomad @DigitalNomadder